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I am Maria Fotiou (also known as Maia) and I am here to support spiritual  women (and men) who long for the freedom to live their truth, heart's desires and sacred purpose in life.

Are you feeling disconnected from Self and your feminine nature?

Do you experience problems in your relationships that often leave you feeling vulnerable rather than "seen" and supported?

How much of your time and energy is currently spent in what truly matters for you and makes you happy?

supporting women

There is a moment in life when you start questioning about yourself, your relationships,  and some of your life choices (ie career, location, personal and spiritual development, etc). You feel intuitively guided towards your feminine nature and the wisdom of your feminine body to find the answers and reclaim what was "lost".

As a young girl, noone talked to you about the Sacred Feminine power of your wombspace and feminine nature. No-one taught you how to honour your body and sexual energy as sacred. Noone spoke about the wombspace as the source of physical vitality as well as the birthplace of all divinely inspired creativity when heart, womb and mind are in harmony. You were taught to use your mind more than your heart and ignore the deep instinctual knowing of your womb. You were told that you can achieve your life goals through willpower, clear focus and commitment (or hard work) without realising that these masculine traits on their own would over-shadow the ease of receptivity of your instinctual feminine nature. Along the way, people told you that honouring your true needs can be selfish and that following your heart's sacred desires can be risky and take away other "important" things like your financial security and stability in relationships.

In actuality, the opposite happens!

When you are in tune with your heart's desires and feminine consciousness, you are one with the deepest longings of your soul. Sourced from Within is what sets your spirit alight and fills every cell of your body with the warm glow of reconition that this, right here, this is why you were placed on this Earth for. You become the living embodiment of the Goddess and your feminine creative energy flows naturally to bring a deeper sense of authenticity, meaningful connections and true intimacy with those around you.  Everyone benefits when you show up authentically in yourself and share your gifts with the world! 

To use one of my favourite quotes: "Do the Universe a favor. Don't hide your magic!"

supporting men

I am here for you if you are looking for a safe space to explore your deeper emotions, anxieties, hopes, dreams and sacred desires.


Chances are that you grew up under the toxic belief that associated masculinity with "strength that shows no weakness or emotion" that started raising barriers around your heart and your ability to connect with others in a meaningful way. True intimacy requires a level of vulnerability that perhaps you are not comfortable with and yet you also long for soulful connections in your life where you can also feel seen and appreciated.

My role working with men is to guide you on a journey back to your heart and help you release this toxic conditioning and associated emotional response patterns. By healing the relationship with your emotions, you are healing your relationship with your inner feminine nature and creative life force energy that inspires and brings your sacred visions into life. 

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