The Feminine Way

Hello.... I am Maria Fotiou

I support spiritually-minded women (and men) to connect with their Soul Essence, Creative Power and Higher Purpose so that they can embody more deeply their True Nature and ground their Sacred Vision into Manifest Reality.

In the Sacred Spiral of Life, there are times where we are all called by circumstance to move through the Uncertainty of the Unknown. It does not matter if you are now starting your spiritual journey or already have decades of experience and practice. Once again, you are at a point where you can feel the uneasiness or even discomfort together with a deep longing to embody more of your Truth. You also recognise that the only way to move forward in a new positive way is by releasing the "old story" and any agreements that no longer bring you Joy and/ or hold you back. Perhaps you are feeling "stuck in the mud or in reverse" or perhaps you are simply looking for support to start a new chapter in your life.

Wherever you are on your personal and spiritual journey,

True Healing and Empowerment is available at the intersection of your Higher Self and Body Wisdom

that carries the blueprint for your Soul Purpose, Creative Potential and Consciousness Evolution.

To support you on your path, I am offering Shamanic Healing and Ceremony together with Embodiment practices,  Abdominal Massage and Meridian Crystal Healing that unlocks the Soul Codes in your Body to help you remember your True Nature and release heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns and karmic influences. 



I have also created the Soul ReBirthing Programme that clears energetic imprints from your conception, time in utero and birth story and helps ground your Light more fully into your Body as well as the Body of the Earth. The whole programme is effectively helping you change Life Path by changing your relationship to your self, your childhood, your parents, the Land and your Great Ancestors . I highly recommend it for starseeds, empaths and highly sensitive people who tend to absorb heavy energy because it helps ground your pr-essence and restore your energetic boundaries in the physical reality. 


My work with women also includes restoring the connection to the Wombspace and Menstrual Cycle to awaken the Feminine Consciousness and celebrate their Womanhood. I also provide pre & post natal support through to assist women's Journey Into Motherhood through rebozo massage treatments, Cerrada (Closing of the Bones) Ceremony as well as Mother & Baby Blessings Ceremonies.

If you are interested in booking a session or would like to find out more about my services, I warmly invite you to book your free 30 min phone consultation to discuss how I may support your needs.

About Me

In my healing practice, I bring years of lived experience going through big shifts and changes in my personal and professional life together with multidisplinary training in shamanic arts and other healing modalities. 

I combine teachings, ceremonies and healing practices from the Inka, Celtic and Toltec Traditions, the Universal Healing Tao System, Somatic Body Wisdom and Women's Spirituality. I also offer Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage as well as Rebozo pre/post natal massage and Cerrada Ceremonies. Finally I am also trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Having this diverse background allows me to create potent spaces of transformation to help you connect with the truth of who you are. 

Prior to this, I used to work in Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Lean/ Business Process Improvement Techniques both in corporate and manufacturing environments. I was completely cut off from my feminine nature which led to menstrual imbalances, womb-related problems, problems in relationships, etc. It wasn't until I experienced an emotional breakdown that I guided to explore the Feminine Healing Path. Gradually letting go of the patriarchal conditioning in my identity helped me find myself and live my sacred purpose in life supporting others.