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Feminine & Womb Energy Healing

with Maria Fotiou (Maia)


I am Maria Fotiou (Maia), founder of The Feminine Way supporting conscious women (and men)

who long for the inner freedom to be your Authentic Self and unlock your creative potential to live your life according to your heart's sacred desires. As a Shamanic Healer & Intuitive Guide, my main role is to help you restore your sense of self, harmonise your relationships and clarify your direction in life according to your soul's calling and higher purpose.

In life, there are moments of individual and collective awakening that often present themselves through challenging or stifling situations that guide you to look within yourself to find the wisdom and strength in order to move forward.

If you feel disconnected, lost or overwhelmed by the world around you....

If you know that there is so much more inside of you waiting to be expressed and realised....

If you are longing for a deeper sense of connection and intimacy in your relationships....

If you are lacking the confidence to show up authentically and the support to follow your dreams....

then this is the right place for you.

As a Shamanic Healer & Intuitive Guide walking the Feminine Path, I am here to support you on two different levels:

For women only - Helping you restore your connection to the feminine consciousness of your wombspace and menstrual cycle to reclaim your Authentic Self through embodied presence and restore your feminine power.

For all - Helping you restore your connection to your Higher Self and the Sacred Feminine that helps you "re-birth" the best version of yourself in the here and now.

My services include clearing heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, repetitive patterns that you may carry from your earlier life, your ancestry or past lives. I also with women who experience menstrual or hormonal imbalances, fertility/ creativity issues, relationship or intimacy problems,

I am here for you....

If this is the first time you are visiting my website, I warmly welcome you to browse on the individual and group offerings and I also invite you to contact me for a free and confidential 30-min phone consultation to get a first feel of each other and discuss the available support options for your situation.

Individual therapies to rebalance your energy and bespoke treatment plans according to your needs

Monthly moon circles, women's gatherings and cacao ceremonies

Online programmes deepening into feminine healing & womb wisdom practices

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