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I am Maria Fotiou (Maia) founder of The Feminine Way supporting spiritual women and men to step into Authentic Presence and activate their Creative Power to follow their heart's desires and realise their sacred purpose in life.

As a Shamanic Healer & Intuitive Guide walking the Feminine Path, I am here creating for you potent spaces of healing, transformation and empowerment to facilitate the inner process of connecting with your Higher Self and your feminine nature (your Being) in order to awaken your inner wisdom, restore harmony in your relationships and clarify your purpose. My main role is to help you heal the aspects of your self that are currently holding you back or sabotaging your happiness. 

Healing the Feminine Nature

Is an invitation to Remember who you are at soul level and shine your light in the world by embodying your unique qualities, gifts and talents.

It means healing your ability to:

Live in harmony with the natural cycles of your body, earth and sky.

Receive only what nourishes you (in your Highest Benefit)

Birth Your Vision through Alignment rather than Force (ie Willpower)

Enjoy authentic connections and deeper intimacy in your relationships

And reclaiming your feminine power of creation through embodied presence to create the relationships, projects and life that your heart desires for the greatest good of all.

I am here for you....

In times of uncertainty or unrest, we all need a safe space, the dedicated time and support to help us move forward by clearing inner blockages and obstacles from our path. If you currently feel blocked, diconnected or overwhelmed, I am here offering bespoke individual healing, group events and online programmes to help you with the following:

​​Rebalance body, mind, emotions and spirit

Awaken your inner wisdom

Feel more grounded and present in your body

Heal your menstrual cycle and womb consciousness

Embrace your femininity

Feel more confident in yourself

Heal the relational patterns in your life

Restore healthy boundaries with your authentic "Yes" and "No"

Clarify your purpose

Stand in your power

Bring more Joy in your life

Individual therapies and bespoke treatment plans to rebalance your mind, body, emotions and soul spirit.

Monthly moon healing circles to rebalance your energy, regular women's circles and workshops.

Women's programmes combining shamanic healing with womb wisdom practices to awaken the feminine consciousness and unblock the creative flow

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