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I am Maria Fotiou (also known as Maia) and I am here to support spiritual  women (and men) who long to be free to live their truth following their heart's desires and sacred purpose in life whilst currently struggling to enjoy the present or let go of their past.

Are you feeling disconnected, overwhelmed by emotions or a particular situation, and / or stuck without knowing how to turn things around/ move forward?​

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Are you longing to heal your feminine nature, your relationships with others, your ability to actually live a life you enjoy?

Is your instinct telling you that it's time to connect more deeply with the feminine consciousness of your body as your source of guidance, inspiration and empowerment?

Your feminine consciousness and womb energy is your creative life force energy that helps you feel good about yourself as well as turn your dreams into reality. When it is blocked, it slowly starts affecting every aspect of your self incl.

> your physical womb health (menstrual/ menopausal imbalances and other womb related conditions)

> your sense of self and femininity

> your vitality and energy levels

> your mood and emotions

> your self esteem and self confidence

> your sexual energy and creativity

Perhaps you are feeling stuck in a particular situation (ie a relationship or your chosen career path) and you may not know why or how to turn things around. 

In most cases, what the heart and body truly need is time and a safe space outside your everyday responsibilities to receive the nourishment that will help you go within and find all the answers and resources that already exist in you. This is my main role... to help you restore your connection to your body's consciousness and Higher Self. My healing approach covers a wide range of healing modalities, practices and techniques that facilitate the process of identifying and clearing unprocessed emotional energy, limiting beliefs and other psychic/ energetic blockages from your ancestry as well as past lives to help you reconnect with your core identity (authentic self), inner wisdom and creativity.​

supporting men

As a man, you also need the time and space outside your everyday reality to integrate your deeper emotions, anxieties, hopes and dreams.


Chances are that you grew up under the toxic belief that "strength is to show no weakness" which cuts off a person from their emotions as well as the available sources of support.

In addition to helping you clear unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs and psychic/ energetic blockages from your ancestry and past lives, I am also here to support you reconnect with your inner feminine muse as the source of divine inspiration for your masculine consciousness.

I am available

for in-person and online sessions


If you feel I can help you

please email me at with a few words about what you currently experience, what it is that you would like to receive/ experience and what you think that is holding you back. I will email you to arrange a free phone consultation to discuss the available support options.

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