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Born and raised in Greece, I studied Economics before moving to UK for my Masters Degree in Human Resources Management. After spending 15 years in Corporate Training & Process Improvement / Project Management roles, I took a leap of faith following my intuition that led me straight into the shamanic path. This was the beginning of reconnecting with my womb and feminine wisdom.

Awakening to my Sacred Feminine (and Masculine) Nature has been a Wild Ride of previously unfathomable transformation all the way into the very core of my Being. Quite early on, I was initiated as a Curandera (Soul Healer) by a Mayan Timekeeper during a trip in Mexico which changed the course of my life. I spent the next few years training myself with indigenous Elders and other well known teachers in various healing modalities. I have been and still am a Seeker of the deeper meaning and the universal truths underpinning the different traditions and healing systems.

Nowadays, the main influences informing my healing work come from Her Mystery School, the Andean Cosmology (training with Don Mariano Quispe Flores, a Kuraq Akulleq of the Qero Community), and the Daoist Crystal/ Stone Medicine (based on the teachings of the Jade Purity Lineage). I have also trained in Daoist Abdominal Massage, Rebozo Massage & PostNatal Care, Healing from the Core methodology, Usuy Reiki and Clinical Hypnotherapy.