A free spirit at heart, I come originally from a corporate background in HR, Training & Business Process Improvement Techniques that eventually left me drained and frustrated with my self and others while my whole life was out of balance. 

The call of the Healing Path came through a period of personal crisis combined with a history of fibroids and other menstrual imbalances that led to 3 surgeries, all with various levels of complications. 

The Feminine (Healing) Path has been an integral part of my personal journey guiding me through repeated cycles of ego death and rebirth. I learnt to sit with my emotions and how to understand my emotional responses. I went through the process of shedding limiting beliefs, layers of the old self identity and my previous life style as well as many connections that were no longer in alignmnent with my Becoming.

Nowadays, I am in Love with Nature

I follow the Cyclical Nature of my body (menstrual cycle), the moon, the stars and the earth seasons for guidance and inspiration. I connect with Mother Nature through the plants, the crystals and the animals. I honour the Human Nature recognising the Light that shines within each person regardless their life story or current circumstances. It is that Light Within that I am here to support. 

I am often asked the question how I ended up doing what I do and how / what helped me be so "attuned" in my guidance and support.


The only answer I have is that I have been there and done that.... I have learnt to sit with the uncomfortableness of the human experience. I have learnt to face the fear of the unknown that most times keeps us stuck in old patterns or in places and situations that do not really work for us. 

More than that, I have learnt to keep my heart open in the miracle of life and trust that for each of us, there is a field of possibilities available in each moment that can guide us back Home to Self and to the Joy that comes from living a life of purpose, a life aligned with our soul's guidance and creative potential.

my training

& continuous development

Since I started on the healing path, I am constantly learning new things and evolving as a person and in my practice. Rather than dedicate myself into following one particular (shamanic or spiritual) lineage or practice one modality, my knowledge and skills come from weaving together teachings and practices that I received with my own inner guidance and lived experience.

It would simply not be practical or helpful to list all courses and ceremonies that I have attended or all the teachers that I have studied with. However I do wish to acknowledge (and also introduce you to) my main influences that I have listed below:


> Andean Tradition/ Inka Path: Trained with the Del Prados, Joan Wilcox-Parisi and Don Mariano Quispe Flores

> Toltec Wisdom: Various courses with HeatherAsh Amara

> Celtic Shamanism: Online programme with Jane Burns

> Working with the Ancestors: Currently training with Jaime Meyer

> Universal Healing Tao System: Various courses with Mantak Chia

> Somatic Body Wisdom (and Pelvic Bowl): Trained with Suzanne Scurlock

> Menstrual Cycle Awareness: Trained with Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

> Red Tent Activation: Trained with DeAnna L'am.

I have also been very fortunate in my life to sit in ceremony and receive the attunements from indigenous elders from Mexico and Peru. 

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