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Hello.... I am Maria Fotiou

As a Shamanic Healer walking the Feminine Path I am here to support conscious women (and men) overcome limitations and blockages interfering with their spiritual development and path in life by connecting more deeply with their Higher Self and restoring a new balance between their feminine and masculine nature.

Your body is a mirror of your relationship to your Self


As a woman, your womb and menstrual cycle can be your most trustworthy Guides to learn to love yourself again, awaken your feminine creativity and re-balance all aspects of your life together with your relationships.

At times when life gets complicated and you find yourself overwhelmed, drained or at odds with others, you can always rely on the deep wisdom of your feminine body to guide you back to your centre - your Truth - where you can find your answers and regain the confidence in yourself. 

As the wombspace (referring to the whole pelvic bowl and therefore the first and second chakras) governs physical vitality, creativity/ fertility, relationships and abundance, any repetitive problems in these areas are indicative of an underlying imbalance or other blockages to your feminine life force energy.

My shamanic work focuses on helping women awaken their feminine consciousness and reclaim their creative life force energy by clearing emotional blockages and limiting beliefs around their womanhood as well as healing their relationship with the masculine nature. A lot of the discord in the collective feminine psyche comes from the patriarchal conditioning carried through generations of women and men before us and passed down through our ancestry, early childhood upbringing and the general conditioning of our times (ie media, religion, culture) that often place very limited or even unrealistic expectations and standards of behaviour.

This process of Reclaiming the Authentic Self through your Feminine Nature is for women who wish to:

Practice self love and body acceptance

Restore the physical vitality and wellbeing of their womb and menstrual cycle

Improve their relationships through authentic intimacy

Live their sacred desires and creative passion

Speak their Truth

In-Bodying your Soul Essence

If you struggle to fit in the world around and often experience a sense of "not belonging", there is a good chance that you are a highly sensitive person or an empath and/ or you have experienced trauma in your earlier life that has compromised your ability to feel safe, grounded and supported in your body.

Or perhaps you feel that you are here on this earth to create something new...


If the above description resonates, then you are most welcome to contact me to discuss your individual circumstances and support needs.

I am offering the Shamanic Soul ReBirthing Process as well as Crystal Healing to Unlock the Soul Codes (originating from the Ancient Chinese Stone Medicine). Both treatments are available separately or combined to suit your needs and their benefits include:


Align your sense of Self with your True (Divine) Nature

Clarify your Divine Purpose

Heal your relationship with Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Clear your energy field from past trauma and old wounds

My Offerings

Shamanic Healing,

Soul Healing & Rebirthing,

 Meridian Crystal Healing, Abdominal Massage 

and other therapies to rebalance Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul by clearing heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, karmic influences and help your True Nature shine through Embodied Presence

Bi-monthly Moon Circles aligning with the seasonal frequencies of the Earth, Moon & Cosmos for healing, guidance and empowerment. Also holding Despacho Ceremonies as well as Cacao & Rose Ceremonies.

Online (and In-Person) programmes and workshops for women to connect with the feminine wisdom of the body, restore self authority, inner guidance and creativity as well as rebalance relationship dynamics.

About Me

In my healing practice, I bring years of lived experience going through big shifts and changes in my personal and professional life together with multidisplinary training in shamanic arts and other healing modalities. 

I combine teachings, ceremonies and healing practices from the Inka, Celtic and Toltec Traditions, the Universal Healing Tao System, Somatic Body Wisdom and Women's Spirituality. I also offer Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage as well as Rebozo pre/post natal massage and Cerrada Ceremonies. Finally I am also trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Having this diverse background allows me to create potent spaces of transformation to help you connect with the truth of who you are. 

Prior to this, I used to work in Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Lean/ Business Process Improvement Techniques both in corporate and manufacturing environments. I was completely cut off from my feminine nature which led to menstrual imbalances, womb-related problems, problems in relationships, etc. It wasn't until I experienced an emotional breakdown that I guided to explore the Feminine Healing Path. Gradually letting go of the patriarchal conditioning in my identity helped me find myself and live my sacred purpose in life supporting others.

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