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Hello.... I am Maria Fotiou

I am here to support spiritually aware women who long to reconnect with their Feminine Power and reinvent themselves as well as their lives. My role is to help you get back in touch with the Soul Essence as well as the Natural Cycles of your feminine body (menstrual cycle), the Moon and Earth seasons to awaken your Womb Consciousness. 

Whether you are looking for support
> to embody your Authentic Self
> to reconnect with the wisdom of your Feminine Body through your Womb Consciousness and Menstrual Cycle
> to heal the relationship dynamics in your life
> to gain clarity and direction on your Life Path
> to have the confidence to follow your sacred dreams and desires.

This is the right place for you IF you are open and willing to let go of the "old identities" that no longer serve you and radically transform your life by remembering and honouring your Feminine Nature! As a Shamanic Healer, my main role is to create a safe container for you to integrate both your Light and Shadow. These are the unconsious or unintegrated parts of the Self that represent your Soul Gifts and Sacred Purpose (your Light) as well as any limiting beliefs or heavy energy (your Shadow) that blocks your Path in Life.

In addition to Shamanic and Crystal Healing, I also offer individual and group Cacao and Despacho Ceremonies, Rites of Passage to support the major transitions in life and monthly Moon Circles. I also offer Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage for emotional and stress release as well as Reiki sessions and attunements.



To find out more about my services and how I can be of assistance,

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Shamanic Soul Re-Birthing & Inner Child  Healing

For anyone having gone through a traumatic birth and/ or difficult childhood as well as for the highly sensitive people and empaths struggling with relationships as well as "finding their place" in the world.

I have created a 9-month programme for individuals to help you radically change your relationship to Self as well as Others and fulfil your destiny.

In this programme you have the opportunity to revisit your time of conception, time in utero and birth story to clear energetic imprints that you carry from your parents' relationship as well as ancestral patterns and karmic influences that block your life path.

In addition, you receive inner child healing to help you let go of any limiting beliefs and emotional wounds from your childhood that influence your relationship dynamics in present time. This includes: your relationship to your self and self expression, your body, your womanhood, your desires and aspirations as well as your significant others.

The programme consists of 9 monthly sessions (online or in-person), 9 catch-up calls and email support together with self practice guides in between the sessions.

The delivery of this programme is tailor-made to best suit your history and current individual needs. Typically, it brings together shamanic healing to help you restore your connection to your Soul Spirit Self (the part of you that is pure consciousness before entering the veil of amnesia through the conception field) together with energetic practices that cultivate body presence in order to fully embody your Authentic Self.

I also offer ideas and suggestions for personal rituals to deepen your relationship with Mother Nature and the Divine.


For more information,

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About Me

In my healing practice, I bring years of lived experience going through big shifts and radical transformation both in my personal and professional life, together with multidisciplinary training in shamanic arts and other healing modalities. 

I originally come from Greece where I had a rather conventional upbringing at in my 20s, I moved to UK to study. I had a successful career in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Lean/ Business Process Improvement Techniques in corporate and manufacturing environments. After a decade, I hit a point where I started feeling "empty" inside despite the available career prospects and my relationship at the time. My womb was also suffering and it started growing fibroids as well as experience menstrual pains, super heavy bleeds, emotional mood-swings and all sorts of imbalances. After 2 botched surgeries and the re-growth of the fibroids, I started exploring natural therapies which eventually led me to shamanic healing.

The Shamanic Path opened up for me in a Spirit-led organic way that included karmic rendez-vous and early initiations as a "Curandera" (Medicine Woman). Then, of course, I had to get on with the "actual work" of letting go of all the stories and layers of my ego-self through training and loads of personal practice through big life changes!


In the early years of my shamanic path I had the great fortune to receive energy attunements from Indigenous Elders as well as train with well-known teachers from the Mayan, Toltec and Inka Traditions. Nowadays (and after almost 20 years living on the British Isles), I follow the Celtic Medicine Wheel although I still combine elements from the other Traditions.


Another great influence in my healing work comes from the Tao and Traditional Chinese Stone Medicine that provide a whole new dimension by cultivating body presence. In fact, I am now a firm believer that True Healing & Embodiment happens at the intersection of our Body's Consciousness with Higher Self.

Saving the best for last (just joking!) I am eternally grateful for all the Medicine Women and Teachers of the Feminine Path who have been guiding me all these years to re-connect with my womb, my womanhood, my sexuality and my joy in life! 


My prayer is to share these blessings with other women on their journey!