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Full Moon in Capricorn

Thursday 24th June 2021
7pm to 9.30pm, Online Via Zoom

I warmly invite you to this month's Crystal Moon Circle connecting with the Full Moon in Capricorn, the sign of Self Authority and the theme for this gathering is Sovereignty.


Looking at the dictionary, Sovereign is defined as "Supreme Ruler; Possessing supreme or ultimate power". In the context of a Sovereign Being of Light Having a Human Experience, it means that Your Inner Wisdom (Your Higher Self) is the one and true Authority on all matters and choices concerning your life experiences. As the New Age has already begun and the New Earth is already Here, the other way to look at Sovereignty is our innate ability (and sacred duty to our Self) to follow our higher or true calling

In this month's full moon circle, we are going to work on Sovereignty through Alignment which means aligning our internal radar to our Inner Wisdom and shutting down - even for a moment - all other noise from what goes on around us incl. other people's feelings, expectations, ideas, etc. in order to re-orient with our Higher Self and ask the question:

"What Is Mine To Do?"

This is a very important question especially in this time of year. Summer Solstice and the Summer Season in general is all about the exuberant and outgoing expression of Light which is great because it gives us a lot of energy and the confidence to take action. On the downside, it becomes very easy to go into Over-doing, Over-giving, Over-committing that scatters our energy. Another shadow aspect that comes up, especially if we are resisting or procrastinating, is that we can find tons of other things to distract ourselves from what's important right now... our true calling.

The invitation for this Full Moon in Capricorn is to come back to your Sacred Centre, tune into your Inner Wisdom to align with your True Calling and receive the guidance and support on how to balance the different aspects of your life, your existing responsibilities and relationships with others. The session includes energy clearing to remove interference and disturbance from your field (incl. cords, other people's energy, projections, etc), shamanic drum journeying with a Crystal Grid to connect with your Higher Self and embodiment practices to experience Sovereignty in a felt (embodied) manner that you can trust to guide your own decisions.


For this Full Moon, I am guided to create a Crystal Grid with the following crystals that you do not need to have in order to benefit directly from their energetic transmission. Below I am also sharing some ideas how you can bring the energy of crystals in your home!

So, the main crystals I have chosen (came to me) for this Full Moon are:

Chiastolite: a super protective and grounding stone that deflects negative energy and bestows strength, perseverance and calmness

Prophecy Stone: a rare stone that I found recently which helps tune into Higher Wisdom and ground it in the physical reality.

Pyrite: another protective stone that supports our confidence in taking aligned action. It is also a Prosperity stone which I have chosen for the general 

The above crystals came to me as the "foundations" for the group work and with the flexibility that each participant follows their Inner Guidance if they wish to continue working with the crystalline energy afterwards. If you have these three stones, then bring them in the session where I will be sharing instructions about the geometry and activation of the grid.


If you don't have these stones and you would like to connect directly with your crystals in a physical way, these are some ways that you can do so: 

a) bringing a clear quartz crystal during the group session to program it for connecting with your Higher Wisdom;

b) bringing any other one crystal that you feel particularly drawn to connect as your Personal Guide during the group session and afterwards;

c) asking during the group meditation to connect / receive one crystal as your Personal Guide moving forward.


The exchange of energy is £15 and you can buy your ticket below or send your payment directly via paypal at

You will also need to register in advance for this meeting:


If you have any other questions or run into technical difficulties, please feel free to contact me at


Sending my warmest wishes with love