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Crystal Womb Initiation Workshop for Women

Sunday 3rd October 2021
4pm to 7.30pm, Online Via Zoom

It is with great joy that I am inviting you to this very special workshop for women to connect with your Soul Essence through your Wombspace to awaken your feminine intuition and creativity.

It is an invitation to take some time away from the business of daily life and step into a supportive circle of sisterhood to nourish your sacred needs, dreams and desires.

Through a series of practices and energetic transmissions you will be gently guided and supported to connect with your wombspace, the sacred centre of your feminine creative power, to rebalance your inner feminine and masculine nature as well as draw upon the nourishment, guidance and clarity you need in your everyday life.

In the first part of this workshop, you have the opportunity to connect with the spiritual waters of your womb and learn how to hold your feminine energy and cultivate healthy boundaries as your Sovereign Authentic Self. This is especially relevant and helpful during times that feel like the whole world around you demands too much of your time, attention and energy with the result of leaving you drained or distracted from what's truly important in your life.

The second part of this workshop focuses on the Sacred Polarity (Complementarity) of your True Nature through a guided practice to help you connect with your inner feminine and masculine; and step into your Soul's Higher Destiny.

During the workshop, you will be guided through Womb Heart Mind visualisations and Ovarian Breathing techniques to help you cultivate your Inner Fire in support of your Destiny. I am also bringing in the crystalline energy of Red Garnet, that's a wonderful ally to help you nourish your lifeforce energy as well as restore passion and vitality.

Other Crystal Helpers that I will be calling in the space are:

- Kunzite to bring in Unconditional Love
- Turquoise infused with Pyrite elements for Divine Protection and Abundance
- Herkimer Diamond to illuminate, clarify and support your inner process.

​It will be great, although not necessary for you, to have these crystals as you will still be able to receive the transmissions of their crystalline energy remotely.


The above crystals have been chosen (they volunteered actually) to cultivate your energetic ability to receive the higher frequencies of Unconditional Love that are available as well as nourish and support your whole Being through the process of awakening the feminine power of your Womb to manifest your desires in this life.

For those who would like to continue working with this crystalline energy after the workshop, you can purchase the Crystal Elixir that I have prepared ceremonially with all natural and untreated crystals from the above list.​

Alternatively, you can also bring a piece of clear quartz crystal to capture the healing vibrations during the live workshop and create your own elixir to drink afterwards (I will be sharing the instructions).

This workshop is open to all women regardless whether you still have your uterus as the energetic template of the womb still exists within.

It would benefit you most if:

> you are over-relying on your masculine (get-things-done) energy and you are longing for the ease of feminine receptivity (things-come-your-way)!

> you are always busy doing other things and/ or looking after others at the expense of your own dreams and overall wellbeing!

> you are in a transitional phase in your life and you are looking for some clear direction from .your inner knowing!

> you are currently feeling blocked or stuck and/ or simply in need of some loving support to build your confidence and get your creativity flowing again!


To Register for this Workshop:

1. You can book your place in this workshop by buying your ticket through the link provided below.


2. ​You will also need to register in advance for this meeting at:


​3. As an optional activity, I also encourage you to take a few minutes of your time and journal on the following questions:

- What is your relationship to your Womb and Feminine Nature?

- What are your dreams and desires that you wish to manifest in this Life?

- How's your current life style, situations and relationships support (or not) your dreams and desires?

- What would you like to gain from this workshop? Any particular areas of support?


You are most welcome to also email your answers directly at before the workshop. All information is treated with the strictest confidentiality and is only used to help me structure the flow of the workshop and choose additional crystals that correspond more closely to the individual and group needs.

Other information:


This workshop starts at 4pm until 7.30pm including a short break. This gives us plenty of time for group journeying, guided practices and individual sharing. 

To prepare for this workshop, please ensure that you have a good and reliable internet connection. I encourage you to prepare a comfortable space for your self and ask that you are not interrupted from others in your household. 

I also encourage you to light a candle and have some roses because the Spirit of the Rose appeared very strongly when I started creating this particular Crystal Elixir! It may also be a good idea to have a beverage or some water with you as well as pen and paper to note down any guidance and messages you receive.

Special Offers Honouring your Sacred Commitment

As my Big Thank You for your continuous commitment to your Inner Journey and Womb Mysteries, I am offering the following to further support and facilitate your individual process of remembering your Sacred Feminine Nature.

Special Offer 1:

A 20% discount from the Crystal Elixir "Heavenly Bliss" that combines Natural Kunzite, Natural Turquoise with Pyrite crystals, Red Garnet and Herkimer Diamond that bring in Unconditional Love, Heavenly Guidance and Protection to restore your Passion, Vitality and Creativity.


30ml for £12 instead of £15. Plus £4 for p&p

(Until I set up my online shop, you can order your Crystal Elixir directly by sending your payment of £16 via paypal at and including your address for delivery.)

Special Offer 2:

£11 off for workshop participants who wish to book an individual session of Crystal Womb and/ or Soul Healing session that can take place in-person in London or remotely via Zoom. This session combines Shamanic Journeying, Womb Guided Visualisations and Crystalline Energy Transmissions following the Stone Medicine Protocols of the Ancient Tao School of the Jade Purity Lineage. 


2 - 2.5hrs for £77 (instead of £88)

You can email me directly at for a free phone consultation and/ or to book your session.

I look forward to connecting with you on Saturday 21st!