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Embracing Femininity

A personalised programme of support for women 

Areas covered dependent on your needs:

  • Healing your relationship with your womb, menstrual cycle and feminine body in order to unblock your creative energies and show up fully in your Authenticity and Divine Purpose.

  • Aligning with the Sacred Feminine Nature of the Earth, Moon & Stars through personalised healing rituals and ceremony

  • Supporting your feminine body & consciousness in preparation of and during pregnancy, birth & postpartum

  • Healing your heart & womb by letting go of emotional wounding from past relationships and transforming disharmonious patterns 

  • Connecting with your body's feminine consciousness to cultivate "soft yet clear" boundaries that:

    • open your feminine receptivity to what nourishes you and brings pleasure;

    • repel/ let go of non-beneficial energy coming your way;

    • heal any unconscious conditioning of leaking, giving away or scattering your own energy as well as taking on the heavy energy from those around you. 


Let’s Work Together

If you feel that this type of support would benefit you, I encourage you to get in touch for a free consultation call where we can discuss what you are looking for and agree the right support package for you in terms of focus areas, number and frequency of sessions as well as cost.