3rd Sept 2020 - Now closed | Online via Zoom

Awaken the Woman In You (1)

A 10-week online programme for women combining womb wisdom with inner child and ancestral process.
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Awaken the Woman In You (1)

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3rd Sept 2020 - Now closed
Online via Zoom

About the Event

A woman in tune with her Womb is in tune with her destiny

As the seat of the feminine creative life force energy, the womb holds the seed as well as the cellular memory of all our experiences in past, present, future. Her feminine consciousness carries the yearnings of the Soul to be Self-Realised meaning to reclaim our authentic nature and fulfil our sacred purpose in this life.

When a woman does not feel happy or satisfied with her self or her life (ie self esteem, stresss, body image, sexuality, work, family, relations, etc), there is "something" impeding the natural flow of her creative life force energy. Other common symptoms that many women are experiencing nowadays include menstrual pain, pms, low libido or ability to orgasm and other conditions.

Quite often all this happens because the woman is not fully in touch with her inner self or she may ignore her own wisdom, feelings, needs and desires that can all be accessed directly through the 'inner voice' of her wombspace and feminine body (feminine consciousness).

The main intention of this programme is to provide a safe container that will help you awaken and 're-parent' your feminine consciousness. During the 10 weeks of this programme, we are weaving together 2 strands of Feminine teachings and practices that to cultivate Self Love and nurture your Self to Wholeness.

The first (and main) strand of Feminine teachings and practices focus specifically on awakening your feminine consciousness raising your awareness and energetic presence in your wombspace and the whole body. This programme pulls together practices from Suzanne Scurlock (Healing from the Core), Tami Lynn Kent (The Wild Feminine), the Inka Tradition, the Universal Tao System and other shamanic healing techniques to help you connect with and harmonise:

​> your wombspace (incl. the clitoris, vagina, cervix, ovaries, phallopian tubes, and womb) to clear energetic blockages, cords and attachments and reclaim your authentic presence and feminine power of creation;

> your heart and connection with the Divine Self;

> your vital organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas/stomach, liver) to clear emotional energy;

> your etheric body (auric field) and energetic boundaries. 

The second strand of Feminine teachings are about re-parenting your feminine consciousness helping you re-connect with your inner child and embrace your femininity. Listening to the wisdom of your wombspace and Highest Self, you will be guided and supported to release non-beneficial energy and attachments from your upbringing, your parents and ancestry that you may still carry in your body. This will help you untangle your personal energy and inner voice (your inner guidance and intuitive knowing) from the beliefs, emotions and behaviours of your ancestors and lean on to the wisdom of your feminine body to re-parent your self. This means changing your relationship with your self, your body, your emotions, your feminity, your creative ideas, your needs and wants, and Others!

​Just to give an example, if - let's say - your parents were over-critical, there is a strong likelihood that you have a strong 'inner judge' who may stop you from taking action from fear of being criticised. Or equally you may often hear a little voice in your head judging you, placing too much pressure and generally being particularly hard with your self. Unconsciously, this pattern can leak in to your relationship with your body, with others, with work or even your personal / spiritual development process! The more you connect with the subtle body, you are bound to find the places where this energy still exists within you. This time around, you will gently be guided to hold the wounded aspects of your inner child in loving awareness and ask your self:​​

How do I nurture myself back to Wholeness?

How do I express my Truth from now on?​

Congratulations for re-parenting your inner child and creating a new space in your life for the Authentic Woman In You!

Most western women were born and raised in a patriarchal environment that did not celebrate womanhood or teach how to connect with the wisdom, power and creativity of the wombspace. This makes it ever so important for women to gather in sisterhood, remember what has been briefly lost or forgotten and re-dream a new way of Being.​​To assist this process, the programme includes two Feminine Rites of Passage (Menarche and ReBirthing) that celebrate womanhood. In addition to the womb wisdom practices above, you will also receive shamanic healing for your Inner Child and Ancestral Lineage that will help re-inform your Inner Mother and Inner Father aspects of the Self that affect all your relations and creativity. You will also be supported to let go of the ancestral pain and suffering passed down through the generations and restore a healthy connection to your ancestral roots for guidance and support. This will open the way for you to receive the gifts of your ancestors and harmonise your inner feminine and masculine nature so that you can create your vision into reality.​​


Weeks 1-3: Feeling, Sensing, Knowing (Inner Child)

The first three sessions start with an opening ceremony to set your intention and call in the support of your Highest Self and Spirit Guides during this programme. You will be introduced to womb wisdom practices and other energy healing techniques that cultivate your awareness of your whole feminine body, clear blockages and help restore the flow of energy. Connecting to the felt experience of your body and inner self, you will be guided and supported to create a safe loving space for your inner child/ inner maiden and celebrate your passage to womanhood with a Menarche Rite.​​

Weeks 4-6: Nurturing your Wholeness (Divine Mother)Cultivating your energetic presence in your wombspace, you will have the opportunity to call in your female lineage to let go of the pain and suffering of your blood line that you carry in your feminine body and restore a 'healthy' connection to your ancestral roots for guidance and support. You will also explore the relationship with your mother and how this has shaped your 'Inner Mother' voice in relation to your self and others. The main intention is to help restore balance and move from a 'healing mode' to the nurturance of your inner landscape incl. your emotional world, your spirit, your femininity and creativity.​​

Weeks 7-8: Standing in your Truth (Divine Father)These two weeks are dedicated in helping you heal the relationship with your father and call in your male lineage to connect with the Divine Masculine within. As before, you will be guided to connect to the wisdom of your feminine body and wombspace to release ancestral patterns of toxic masculinity and restore a balanced 'Inner Father' who helps you take action advocating your Truth and safeguarding your boundaries.​

Weeks 9-10: Birthing Your VisionThe last two weeks of the programme are bringing all the teachings and practices together to help you integrate and birth your new vision. Listening to your heart's desires, you will choose one thing that you would like to create/ experience in your life. We will all be coming together in sacred sisterhood to plant the seeds and nurture them into fruition.​​

This programme is for you: ​​If you are yearning for change! If you are ready to learn how to love All of Your Self unconditionally! If you are ready to learn how to befriend your body and womb consciousness as "your personal compass" for healing, empowerment and wellbeing! If you are yearning to embrace your authenticity and feminine power of creation!​​​

To Book Your Place: The next group starts on Thursday 3rd September for 10 consecutive weeks from 7pm to 9.30pm and it is held online via zoom. If you miss a session, you can still receive the recording afterwards.​The sacred investment for this programme is £155 paid in advance or £180 paid in 2-3 monthly installments. I also have a limited number of places at a reduced fee to facilitate those in need.You can book your place directly via the Register button below or you are welcome to email me at mfotiou12@gmail.com to discuss payment options.

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