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New Moon Workshop

Sunday 11th April, 4pm to 7.30pm, Online via Zoom

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It is with great joy and pleasure that I am inviting you to our next New Moon gathering for a mini workshop to support positive life movements in the new cycle.

As the first sign of the zodiac, this month's New Moon in Aries signals the start of the new lunar cycle and brings us the gift of forward movement. At the time of this New Moon, we have a number of planets in Aries amplifying our impulse to jump into action which can be truly helpful in terms of manifesting AND/ BUT it also highlights the need to remain grounded in our Truth so that we don't rush into things that are not in the Highest Benefit. In the days before and after this New Moon, the stronger influences come from Chiron (the planet of the Wounded Healer), Pluto and Venus shifting the focus on our emotional landscape and how this may influence our choices and life movement.

Another important (and perhaps indirect) aspect of this New Moon has to do with our Relationships. All individual choices and actions create ripples that can be felt by Others across the Web of Life. Some coming together to repair the threads or start something new together. Some moving apart towards a new chapter. This Moon feels like saying: "IF YOU WANT TO SEE A PERSON GROW WELL AND BLOSSOM, LOVE THEM WELL!" The invitation for those who resonate with this message is to ask your Heart what that means for your self, your relationships, your plans and future ideas.

In this mini workshop on the night before the New Moon, we are gathering in circle to connect with the Energy of Universal Love and follow our Hearts' Sacred Wisdom to set our intentions and take action in the new cycle. In particular, you will have the opportunity to explore:
- what action inspires and gives you joy?
- how to "steward" the space in-between You and an Other (ie person, situation, project, plan, etc) that starts forming the moment you set your intention.

During our time together I will be guiding you through energy re-alignment practices and shamanic drum journeying connecting with the Moon and Sun to harmonise the feminine/ inward birthing qualities with the masculine/ outward movement and expression. I will also be sharing a New Moon Ritual to activate your intentions with the power of the Moon and Sun.

The sacred exchange for this workshop is £35 (or £25 for low income and unemployed) that you can send via paypal at

You will also need to register in advance via Zoom:

I encourage you to find a comfortable space with some pillows and a blanket to stay nice and warm. If you wish, you may light a candle before the session, burn some sage or essential oils to create a beautiful atmosphere.

For the New Moon Ritual, please have with you:
1. One flower bloom in a bowl or glass of water (We will be working with the Flower as a symbol of your Blossoming as well as the Element of Water)
2. Colouring pens and notepad
3. Flower seeds (optional)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in advance at

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