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New Moon Circle

Thursday 11th February, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, Online via Zoom

It is with great pleasure that I am inviting you to our next New Moon Circle. This month's New Moon activates an Aquarius Stellium which means that the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are ALL in the sign of Aquarius, creating a supercharged energy field!


The Aquarian energy is all about expansion of consciousness, new ideas and initiatives that benefit the whole. It is naturally curious and ground-breaking!


So the main theme for this month is "DREAM"...


Dream the new, dream big, dare to dream, dream with your heart!


This super abundant Aquarian energy is giving us that extra oomph to break new ground and dream beyond what is currently (considered) even possible!

The circle will include shamanic drum journeying, a moon ritual and energy practices to help you quieten the mind and connect with your Heart to refine your visions or dream new ones. Centering on your new dreams, I will also guide you through self exploration to feel if there are any conscious or unconscious fears (or other blockages) that may get in the way of fulfilling your dreams. This is slightly different from previous moon circles where we would start with clearing the past energy and then move into planting the new intentions. In this week's circle, the main focus is on dreaming the new; and work our way from there to clear the path of best possibility.

For those who join this circle, please bring a flower and a NEW candle for the moon ritual. (Do NOT light the candle before the session!)

The sacred investment for this circle is £10 that you can pay via paypal at Please choose the Friends and Family option to avoid the extra fees. Alternatively if you prefer a bank transfer, email me for the bank details.

You will also need to register on Zoom in advance:

If there any technical issues, please feel free to email me at

I look forward to dreaming with you!


Women's Womb Circle 

Sunday 14th February, 11am to 1.30pm, Online via Zoom

You are warmly invited to this Women's Womb Circle connecting with the Womb as the Sacred Birthing Place of Creation to align with and resource your feminine nature. Following this month's New Moon in Aquarius, the main invitation is to envision the "WHAT IF..." scenarios of all that our heart longs to experience as if they are happening right now and listen to what the womb has to say...

Whether you are single, in a committed relationship or recently separated, the invitation is to offer your Wombspace...


> Do you have a dream or intention that you wish to manifest in the coming months/ years?
> Do you long for connection and deeper intimacy in your life?
> Are you tired of having to overcome obstacles or simply not finding/ receiving what your heart longs for?

Wherever you are in your life and personal journey right now, whatever your plans for the future, your Womb has a lot to say... 

The Wombspace (root and sacral chakra) is the seat of the Feminine Consciousness that governs our vitality and wellbeing, all of our relationships and the ability to manifest/ birth. Like a Cauldron, it houses the creative life force energy that "cooks up" our sacred visions and intentions into reality. When we are not fully connected with our womb (or do not clear the womb energy regularly), what ends up going into the "cooking mix" also includes fears, insecurities, ancestral patterns and the energies from past/ current lovers that can distort the sense of self, wellbeing as well as the ability to manifest. 

It's truly important for women to regularly drop in with loving attention to restore their Wombspace as a Space of Love so that their creative life force energy flows again effortlessly infusing all aspects of life.

In this circle, we will be visiting the 4 Quadrants of the Womb through shamanic drum journeying, womb visualisations and rituals to nourish our feminine selves and tend to our womb as the Sacred Birthing Ground of our Dreams. By gifting our wombs with Love today (and every day), the Flow of Life moves through us gracefully and harmoniously.

The sacred investment for tomorrow's circle is £25 (or £20 for low income). If you are struggling financially and still wish to attend, please email me as there are some discounted places available.

To register for the circle, please send your payment via paypal at

You will also need to register via zoom at: 

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Full Moon Circle

Sunday 28th February, 7pm to 9pm, Online via Zoom

I warmly invite you to gather in circle to connect with Grandmother Moon in Virgo for healing, guidance and empowerment.

As a sign, Virgo is associated with the "Virgin Priestess". Virgin in the sense of being Whole and Sovereign in one's self and expression of our divine birthright to "priestess" the world we live in which means to call in the Divine guidance and intervention in our lives.

A Full Moon in Virgo (with the Sun in Pisces, the sign of spirituality) comes to invite us look into the different areas of our selves and our lives and (re-)align more deeply with Divine Flow. It is said that this year's Full Moon is a particularly auspicious time because it is trine Uranus and opposite Venus. The trine to Uranus will give us a sense of flow, clarity and direction, and the opposition to Venus will encourage us to find a creative outlet for what has been brewing inside of us since the last New Moon, on February 11th. (Source: AstroButterfly).

During tonight's Full Moon Circle you will have the opportunity to connect with your Higher Self for guidance and support in exploring two topics:

a) The Four Pillars of Vitality (True Work - True Play - True Study - True Rest)

b) Balancing your Needs with the Needs of Others

The above Four Pillars of Vitality originate from the teachings of Jose Stevens, psychotherapist and shamanic teacher in relation to nurturing our true nature and overcoming old behavioural responses due to unconscious fear patterns. 

The second topic for tonight's circle focuses on our inter-connectedness with others - especially the ones closest to us - and how to deepen authenticity in our relationships.

The moon circle includes energetic practices to rebalance mind, body and spirit followed by shamanic drum journeying to connect with your inner wisdom (Higher Self). Please bring with you a new white candle to light during the group prayer.


You will need to register in advance via Zoom following the link: 

The exchange of energy for this circle is £10 that you can send via paypal at Please choose the friends and family option to avoid the fees.

I look forward to connecting with you!



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