Online Moon Healing Circle

Wednesday 13th January, 7.30pm  - 9.30pm, via Zoom

I am very happy to invite you in this New Moon Circle kicking off 2021.


Following the deep slumber of the Winter Solstice inviting us rest in the Stillness of the Night and Mother Divine, the first New Moon of the Year in the sign of Capricorn calls us to take action through embodied presence.


The image that comes into awareness is that of the Staff, a symbol of divine authority upon earth, reminding us of the power that exists within the Self and all the invisible support from the Spirit realm that is available to help us navigate the Unknown.

The time is NOW! And only NOW truly ever exists... encompassed and encompassing an infinite web of possibilities through choices available to us. Each person holds the keys for themselves and others to transcend the limitations of the collective reality, move to the next level of consciousness and play their role into bringing Eden on Earth.

Have you ever noticed or seen photos of goats climbing in the most uneven of terrains? This is a symbol of the Capricorn energy that helps us find our footing and maintain our balance regardless what happens around on a national and global level. The New Moon in Capricorn invites us to continue dreaming of the future that we wish to create and plant the seeds for "right action" that is according to our heart's sacred desires and soul purpose.

Aligning with the energy of the Moon, our circle will include a fire purification ritual to burn away any heavy energies from the collective and honour the Light within followed by shamanic drum journeying to plant your intentions for the new cycle.

The sacred investment for the online circle is £10 that you can send via paypal at Please choose Friends and Family option to avoid the fees.

You will also need to register in advance for this meeting:

For those joining, please light a candle and have some pen and paper with you. I also invite you to burn some incense or essential oil in the room before the session starts.

For the fire ritual, you may also wish to place some epsom or himalayan salt in a fireproof container (ie a small cauldron, ashtray or any other container with foil inside) and add a few drops of alcohol. You will also need matches to light the fire (I will let you know when later during the session).
Please note that this is "white" fire that you can light indoors because it does not have any smoke. On the flipside, it can often be tricky to see the flames so I recommend extra caution!
Alternatively, you can simply light a piece of paper on fire after the session (instructions will be given).

And of course, we will be connecting with the Element of the Fire during the shamanic journey so you don't have to have the actual fire if you dont feel like it.

If you have any other questions or need further information, please feel free to email me. You are most welcome to invite your friends in this event.

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