feminine healing

Healing your feminine nature is the most intimate affair of your life that is destined to guide you Home to your Self. It's about celebrating your womanhood and reclaiming the wisdom, power and creativity of your feminine nature.

During a session of feminine healing, we are working with the Feminine Archetypes (ie Maiden, Mother, Queen, Wise Elder) as well as your Highest Self to release heavy emotions, unprocessed trauma and limiting beliefs around your overall sense of self, your body, your femininity, your creative aspirations and your relationships.


Most often, the root cause of any imbalance or disharmony in your life lies in a deeper imbalance within yourself ie how you live your truth, express your desires, assert your boundaries, nourish yourself and how you follow your dreams! This mainly comes down to ancestral influences and the patriarchal conditioning during your upbringing that has influenced your sense of self and relationships in adult life.


womb energy healing

As the seat of the feminine creative life force energy, the womb holds the seed of self realisation and higher purpose in life. It also tends to carry the cellular memory of our ancestry and life experiences in past, present and future as well as the energy of our lovers. All this energy, if not regularly cleansed and discharged, starts creating disturbance that can affect our womb health, energy levels and vitality, relationships and our creativity. 


As women, it is vitally important to cultivate a healthy relationship with our wombspace that includes regular energy cleansing and realignment (in addition to what Mama Nature has already provided us through our menstrual cycle). This opens our connection with our womb's consciousness as a source of guidance, inspiration and rejuvenation. 

A womb energy healing session typically includes shamanic healing with conscious breathing and womb visualisations that help you cultivate deeper energetic presence and awareness in your feminine body and restore the flow of your creative life force energy by clearing any non-beneficial energy and attachments.


feminine rites of passage

An Act of Self Love

I warmly invite you to give yourself the celebration that you never had!

The Feminine Rites of Passage mark the major transition points in a woman's life bringing closure to the old cycle and preparing her for the new cycle ahead. The main ones include:

Birthing: celebrating the gift of life 

Menarche: celebrating your first blood (and moving from childhood to womanhood)

Motherhood: celebrating becoming a mother (each time is unique!)

Menopause: celebrating stepping into your wise power

Grief of Loss: making peace with the energy of death or ending and loss in life creating a safe space to release painful emotions.


They are great tools for healthy psychological development because they provide the time and space to honour your life experiences, claim the lessons/ realisations and let go of unfinished business. This helps untangle your energy from the past and focus on your dreams, aspirations and how to get there. It's never too late to receive your Rite Passage!



An integral part of your feminine and womb healing comes from directly from embracing the cyclical wisdom of your feminine body (menstrual body) as your inner guide for self healing and empowerment.

The menstrual cycle has four distinct phases with their own physical, hormonal and psychospiritual characteristics. Quite often the mood swings, menstrual pain and other womb related conditions area symptoms of not living in alignment with the natural rhythms. The great news is that menstrual cycle awareness together with feminine and womb energy healing addresses the underlying psychospiritual and emotional issues and alleviate most of these symptoms in an easy and fast way!




rebozo massage and cerrada

for pregnancy and post partum

For all the new mammas, whether it's your first pregnancy or not, I am offering individual sessions of rebozo massage and energy work to assist your mind, body and spirit with any emotional, physical and hormonal changes as well as help you prepare for the role of motherhood and the new addition in your life.

During pregnancy

I am offering Rebozo Massage which is a Traditional Mexican Midwifery technique that uses a long shawl to gently cradle your body in order to alleviate hidden tension and help you relax. For emotional healing, I also recommend reiki or a limpia which is an energy healing and purification technique that cleanses and nourishes the whole body with the life force of Mother Earth. You are welcome to combine the rebozo massage treatment with some gentle energy work for better results or have them separately.


Post partum support and Cerrada Ceremony ("Closing of the Bones")

I am also offering postpartum support in the form of the Rebozo Cerrada Ceremony (known as "Closing of the Bones" Ceremony). This is another Traditional Mexican Midwifery practice that is very similar to practices around the world that wrap tightly the woman's body with rebozo shawls to "close the bones". On the physical level, it does help close the pelvis by returning the bones to their original position. More importantly, the Cerrada Ceremony celebrates giving birth and helps the woman gather her energy back to herself. It's worth noting that during pregnancy, the physical and energy body 'opens' becoming a vessel for the new baby soul arriving on to this Earth and then 'empties' through giving birth. Having a Cerrada Ceremony is a true blessing and a great gift to all new mums helping them rebalance body, mind, emotions and spirit.

A Cerrada is given any time after a woman has stopped bleeding from giving birth and it's never too late for it! It may be years since you have given birth and yet you will still experience the benefits!