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The Feminine Way

Soul Transformation, Shamanic Healing & Feminine Embodiment

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Are you looking for support to Heal your relationship with Self and or An-Other, Awaken your True Wild Nature and Realign your Life with your Sacred Purpose?

Do you yearn for a more authentic life?


A life that honours your True (Wild) Nature where you feel deeply attuned to your Divine guidance, the Natural Rhythms and the deep feminine wisdom of your Body. A life filled with new and exciting possibilities where you feel completely at ease with yourself and supported

To awaken all your senses to the beauty of life.

To love and be loved.

To speak your Truth - your Yes and your No - as an invitation for deeper intimacy and connection.

To vibe with others in joy and harmony.

To receive the beautiful abundance of the Earth and Cosmos in all its forms.

To live your dreams following your heart's guidance.

And yet... you find yourself struggling with expressing who you really are and having the life and relationships that you have been dreaming about, maybe due to unhealed wounds and unconscious agreements or beliefs.

Maybe you are even unclear about what would truly bring you joy or how to move forward. Life seems too complicated at times and you are tired from all the responsibilities on your shoulders and your earlier efforts to break through old patterns.

If that's the case, please allow me to introduce myself! 

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I am Maria Fotiou and my sacred role is to help women consciously awaken your Creative (Soul) Essence by connecting with your Feminine Consciousness and reclaim your divine birth right to embody your Authenticity and live your life in alignment with your Sacred Purpose.

My sacred work with men includes healing your relationship with the Feminine so that you can fully step into your Divine Masculine Power as well as enjoy heart-centred intimacy and connection.

Free your Self from the Past And Let your True Wild Nature Be your Guide


Individual Support

An array of one-off treatments and personalised programs for those who are looking for longer-term support to transform their life.


Group Support

Monthly Moon Circles, Women's Programs, Workshops and other Events both online and in person.


Women's Retreats

Information for the upcoming Retreats in Delphi & Crete in 2023 to follow soon.


My approach

Whilst my approach is clearly based on the Feminine Mysteries, I am here to help you heal both your inner feminine and masculine nature in order to realign the flow of your creative (and sexual) life force energy, cultivate more harmonious relationships and unleash your authentic power to realise your sacred dreams.

At the heart of what I do, you will find a deep commitment to helping you access directly your Soul Guidance and Divine Wisdom to restore your sense of identity and create the desired shifts in your life.

My individual and group offerings centre around helping you identify and meet the true needs of your soul, your heart and body so that you can return to wholeness and open yourself up to new and more harmonious possibilities. This also means helping you release or transform the deeply ingrained unconscious programming that is holding you back or blocking your authentic expression and path in life. For example: limiting beliefs and agreements, any unresolved issues and old wounds that you may carry from your earlier life, your ancestry and other timelines. 


Another important aspect of my work is the cultivation of body presence so that you feel more grounded, empowered and at ease with your femininity. Staying connected to your body's senses provides a navigational system and the best form of psychic awareness (and protection) through everyday encounters especially if you are an empath or a highly sensitive person.

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to visit the Individual Support page or contact me directly to arrange a free phone consultation.