The Inner Alchemy of the Creative Soul


A 7-week Ceremonial Progression with Crystal Elixirs through the phases of the Moon to Unleash your Feminine Creative Power and Live the Life you Desire

Starting Tuesday 28th June 2022

Are you ready to step into your Authenticity and create the Life and Relationships that your Heart desires?

Welcome to this 7- week Ceremonial Progression with Grandmother Moon and Crystal Elixirs to help you awaken your Creative (Soul) Essence and become a vibrational match to your sacred dreams so that you can effortlessly manifest through aligned action. This programme has been specifically created for women who are new to the conscious creation/ manifestation process through your Feminine Embodied Presence as well as for those who have been practicing other manifestation techniques for some time with very mixed or almost no results. 

There is something deeply magical and soul nourishing when women gather in sacred sisterhood and the intention of this programme is to hold, support and celebrate you through these 7 weeks as you dive deeper into your own Truth to reclaim your authentic feminine power to create what your heart desires. In this sacred container of sisterhood, you will have the opportunity to learn the main principles of the conscious creation/ manifestation process through Embodied Presence and in alignment with the Natural Cycles as well as clear unconscious limitations and blockages that may hold you back from realising your true potential.

The programme starts just before the New Moon in Cancer, the sign of the Archetypal Mother and Creatrix Energy. The Dark phase of the Moon (just before the New Moon) is an energetically potent time to surrender limitations of the ego mind to the Great Mother and connect with your Higher Self to set your new intentions for what you wish to experience, receive, create in your life.

As we journey together through the phases of the Moon, you will be guided and supported to attune with the feminine wisdom and creativity of your body in order to clarify your Soul Purpose and open your energetic capacity to receive what your Heart desires with ease and grace. You will also be supported to embrace your Authentic Self by gaining a deeper understanding of your true needs behind your dreams and sacred desires. Leaving these true needs unmet together with unhealed parts of the self tends to create dissonance in the form of procrastination, resistance and other blockages that may block or hinder your natural ability to manifest effortlessly.


The 7 Week Ceremonial Progression with the Moon also intends to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with the flow of your feminine creative life force energy. There are 2 specific aspects covered here:

The first aspect is about identifying the ways, situations and agreements where you may lose your energy, give your power away, or block your natural ability to receive/manifest. Partly, this has to do with unconscious beliefs and past experiences affecting your sense of self including your role and responsibilities towards others. Especially if you are a working mum, a solo entrepreneur or a therapist, then you may already experience times when you feel scattered, overwhelmed, drained or simply lacking the energy to create. Tuning into your feminine body is meant to give you the soul nourishment that you need for yourself as well as guide you on how to rebalance your responsibilities, commitments and relationships so that you feel free, at ease and supported to follow your dreams.

The second aspect is about shifting out of the current patriarchal conditioning of creating through hard work, discipline and control (excess masculine energy) and embracing play and pleasure in order to access your divine inspiration and create through Alignment!

This 7-week ceremonial progression is for women who are open and ready to embrace your Feminine Consciousness in order to create clear and sustainable shifts in your life.

This programme is for you if:

  • you feel unclear about what you really want (and can do next) in your life;

  • you find yourself feeling blocked or stuck in procrastination, resistance and self judgment or sabotage;
  • you are in relationships and environments where you often feel unsupported and drained from your energy;

  • you worry about the impact of following your heart on your relationships, financial security, etc;

  • you struggle to balance your personal needs and desires with your responsibilities, expectations and commitments across the various aspects of your life; 

  • you are tired of living in excess masculine energy (Over Doing) and you are ready to reclaim Pleasure as your divine birth right.


What to expect

Clarifying your Soul Purpose in this lifetime

Understanding your personal manifesting style and the main principles of the conscious creation process

Activating your sacred desire to magnetise your Soul Purpose (and not get stuck in longing)

Deepening your connection to your feminine body in order to access your Divine Guidance and Inspiration

Reconciling the seemingly irreconcilables (ie responsibilities, expectations, commitments, etc)

Transforming resistance, procrastination and self sabotage into Allies that support your movement

Unfolding your new identity (the one living the dream) through Play & Ritual

Feeling free, at ease and supported to take aligned action.


Weekly Progression

Week 1: Dark Moon Crystal Ceremony

Focus: Sacred Vision

Gaining clarity around your Soul Purpose and Sacred Vision. Set intentions that are opening up the space of “New Possibilities” by letting go of distorted beliefs and (self) judgments that may limit your true potential! Also tuning into your Feminine Embodied Presence to nourish your Sacred Vision by becoming a vibrational match.

Week 2: Inner Alchemy Group Call

Week 3: Full Moon Ceremony

Focus: Sacred Container

Stepping into your full Authentic Feminine Power and unleash your creative life force energy to create what you desire! Also, cultivating a deeper relationship with the Feminine Consciousness of your Womb in order to rebalance your responsibilities, commitments and relationships in the Web of Life so that you have the time and energy to pour into realising your sacred dreams. This also includes cutting the cords that drain your energy or putting your confidence down by transforming your own limiting beliefs and unconscious or conscious agreements that no longer serve you.

Week 4: Inner Alchemy Group Call

Week 5: New Moon Ceremony

Focus: Sacred Action

Embodying the new version of who you are becoming (the one who is already living your dreams) by breaking through the comfort zone of the "known" (old) identity and raising your energy into a new frequency that helps you show up more authentically in the world. Also embracing Play and Pleasure in order to open your feminine receptivity, access your divine inspiration and follow through with the ease, joy and grace of aligned action.

Week 6: Inner Alchemy Group Call

Week 7: Full Moon Ceremony 

Focus: Integration & Closing Circle

Closing the circle with a celebration of your break-throughs, insights and new soul gifts that you have experienced during the 7- week ceremonial progression and blessing your new beginning moving forward.


What is included

The programme structure is crafted with a particular intention for each phase of the Moon and a combination of shamanic healing and ceremony, embodiment practices and womb visualisations to suit the group needs. In addition, you also receive 3 Inner Alchemy Crystal Elixirs to support your personal intention and help you integrate. 

4 x 2 hrs Shamanic Healing Ceremonies a couple of days before the Dark/ Full / New Moon

These include guided journeys with energetic transmissions to help you access your Divine Guidance and set your personal intention in alignment with the Natural Cycles. You will also receive instructions for creating your personal Moon Ritual on/ around the actual day of the Dark/ Full/ New Moon to help you activate your Creative (Soul) Essence.

3 x 2hrs Group Calls 

This is an alchemical space where you are invited to share your insights from the practices and any related experiences during the week. This is your opportunity to be seen, celebrated and supported! Each call will also open the space to address any snags in your personal process followed by the relevant group healing.

3 Inner Alchemy Crystal Elixirs

These are vibrational remedies infused with the energy of crystals and prayers to support your personal intention.

Bridging Consciousness Crystal Elixir

Heart of Dragon Crystal Elixir

New Becoming Crystal Elixir


About the Crystal Elixirs

Crystal Elixirs are vibrational remedies that are similar to the Bach flower essences. Ingesting them on a daily basis gives that extra boost to the energy body allowing the Crystalline Consciousness to dissolve any blockages and bring in the beneficial energy from Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Crystals and Stones are great conductors, transmitters and transformers of energy. They are also the Record Keepers of ALL Life across time, space, dimensions and realities which is why they make such powerful Guides and Allies for opening the soul records and awakening the consciousness.

As a Daoist Stone Medicine Practitioner, I am trained in making Crystal Elixirs. This is such a deep sacred work because it is all about listening into the essence of a crystal stone and weaving it with other crystals (and/ or plants) as guided in order for the Crystalline Consciousness of the new Elixir to emerge. It always comes with specific guidance and a very clear purpose for working with me/ other people to raise the energetic frequency and awaken the consciousness.

Many moons ago, the “Bridging Consciousness” Crystal Elixir was born with the purpose of shifting consciousness beyond the limitations of the ego mind to create an authentic life in alignment with the Soul’s Higher Purpose. Soon after, the other 2 Crystal Elixirs that are included in this programme were created. I knew that these 3 Crystal Elixirs together serve a greater purpose that has led me to design this programme by bringing together feminine embodiment practices, ceremonial practices and manifesting practices… all in service to your Higher Purpose and the Divine Light within you!


How To Join

This is a weekly programme starting on Tuesday 28th June, 7pm to 9pm UK Time, online via Zoom. Once you register for the programme you will receive the welcoming pack with the joining instructions.

The exchange of energy for the whole 7 weeks plus the 3 Crystal Elixirs is £155.

If you wish to participate but cannot afford it because you are currently unemployed or on benefits, I invite you to email me at to discuss available options.