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Into The Belly

A personalised programme of Shamanic Soul ReBirthing, Ancestral & Inner Child Healing for Women and Men

(6 - 12 sessions that can be taken every 2 weeks or monthly)

This is a deep immersion programme to help restore your connection to your Original (Source) Self in order to heal soul fractures, wounded parts and unconscious agreements that sabotage your relationships, keep you stuck in undesirable situations or patterns and more generally, block your path in life.

The program consists of 3 parts that you are welcome to take together or individually.

It brings together shamanic healing and ceremony, embodiment practices and Karpay (Empowerment) Initiations from the Andean Tradition in order to help you awaken your True Nature, open your capacity to receive and reclaim your rightful place in this world by expressing your Authenticity and realising your Sacred Purpose.

Part 1: In the Belly of the Mother (Relationship with Self & An-Other)


Healing your conception, birth story & early childhood to heal emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that you have unconsciously taken on during that time and they are still getting in the way of fully accepting your True Self and showing up authentically in the world. 

It also includes healing the mother/ father wound (the story of their presence or not in your early life) and how this may have affected your ability to feel loved, safe and supported and in turn, your choice of partners and relational dynamics.


Part 2: In the Belly of the Mother Earth (Creativity)

Connecting with the Nature Spirits of your place of conception & birth who according to the Andean Tradition are your "Nature Parents" to strengthen your energetic presence in the physical world and align your personal power with the Divine Flow of Creation.

This part also includes connecting with your Blood & Land Ancestors to release ancestral influences that no longer serve you and help you rebalance your Inner Feminine & Masculine creative energies.

Part 3: In the Belly of the Cosmic Mother (Consciousness)

Returning to a state of Oneness with the Source of All Creation is a journey of deep surrender to the Great Mystery. This is the space of NEW POSSIBILITIES where your Soul opens a new path for you.


Let’s Work Together

Your Soul's Higher Wisdom is guiding any work that we may do together to address the Core Wounds of your Soul Spirit Self and how they manifest in your relationships and everyday life.

So if you are interested in this programme, I encourage to book a single session first where we can fully tune into what lies underneath your current challenges, connect to your Soul Guidance about the best form of support and then agree on number and frequency of sessions.