Women's Moon Circles

Around each New and Full Moon


The sacred intention for the Moon Circles is to hold a deeply nourishing and supportive space for our sacred sisterhood to gather twice a month and remember our Wild Feminine Nature by tuning into the rhythms of the Moon, the Earth and the Cosmos, listening to our inner wisdom and aligning with the Best Possibility.

Below you will find the details for the next circle.

You are warmly invited to join us!


Full Moon Circle

Monday 13th June 2022, 7pm - 9pm UK, Online via Zoom

I warmly invite you to gather again in sacred sisterhood under the Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Sign of Natural Order and Love of Freedom!

The sign of Sagittarius is often depicted as a half man half animal symbolising the dual nature (spirit and matter) as well as the deep connection of this sign with Nature and the laws governing the Natural Order. So it is only natural (no pun intended) that Sagittarius is also the sign who loves Freedom! 

Perhaps a good way to understand Freedom as a State of Being, rather than a concept, is to look at the root of the Greek word for it "ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ" that denotes the Soul's expression through Eros. It is a heart-opening invitation to align with our Soul Creative Essence and experience the Life that we simply, utterly, unequivocally love to live! So in a roundabout way, True Freedom is directly linked with our ability to receive, experience and create life through Pleasure!

Tonight's Intention

Connecting with Grandmother Moon in Sagittarius, tonight's intention is to embrace Freedom as the divine birth right of our Feminine Nature to receive, experience, create life through Pleasure.


Tonight's circle introduces Pleasure as a sacred practice that nourishes the senses, opens the creative flow and your receptivity to magnetise what your heart desires. It also includes guided practices, womb visualisations and shamanic healing to help you release any unconscious agreements, beliefs and blockages around pleasure that get in the way of living a life that you are in love with!

It is really meant to open your innate capacity to fill each day with moments of pure pleasure that holds you centred in your true essence and gives you the strength to navigate what comes forth in your path.

Joining Us

We are gathering on Monday 13th June 2022, at 7pm until 9pm UK Time, online via Zoom.

The exchange of energy is £13 that you can pay via Paypal (or email me to arrange a bank transfer).

Once the payment is sent, you will receive the Zoom link.