Reclaiming the Ancestral Roots

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

One of the things that I am truly passionate about is the importance of restoring the ancestral roots and I have been pondering lately on how many people seem to cut themselves off from this powerful source of wisdom, courage, creativity and support. Looking more closely at the core of this unconscious self-imposed limitation I found a lack of understanding, fear and illusion that I would now like to address.

I remember when I first started the shamanic path. During my first plant spirit ceremony, I saw my mother in front of me and unconsciously I started saying: "I don't want to be the strong one" in recognition of all the life struggles that she had experienced. In time, I have learnt that it takes immense strength of spirit to choose a life of adversity and still manage to turn it around and make something beautiful out of it. Looking into myself, I have realised all the unconscious ways where I had disowned or given away my strength and I gradually learnt how to stand in my personal power. The deeper I went into the shamanic path through the andean and mexhica traditions, the more my soul yearned for reconnection with my own ancestral roots. I don't mean the rituals, practices or esoteric meaning of the ancient philosophy texts. My soul was craving the felt experience of my ancestral roots! I started intuitively connecting through the traditional folk music, the dances and the spoken language. I also ended up spending six good months on my Mother Land (Greece) to connect with the energy emanating from the stones in the ground, the deep blue of the sea and the light of the sky filling the space. I would quietly go and sit on hilltops and feel the colours of Nature decorate my soul with a message of unity and a deep sense of belonging into something bigger than my immediate family, bigger than the cultural heritage and geographic borders, bigger than Life itself. As I embraced my ancestral lineage awakening in the my blood, I was preparing my soul to remember the beautiful tapestry of Life that connects us all back to the Source.

At the same time, it was a great challenge to be back in the family home and have to deal with the relational patterns and dynamics that I had outgrown (or mistakenly I thought I had...) I remember my buttons were pushed almost daily and I was shown all the areas where I was unconsciously still mirroring these family dynamics in my personal relationships. And I am deeply grateful for this awareness because it gave me the opportunity to wake up and do something about it.

I chose Love.

I chose to continue with the inner child and ancestral healing process that enabled me to bring Loving Awareness into the parts of the self that were still stuck in the old story. I chose to untangle my personal energy rather than continue down the same path. One night, I dreamt of myself, my mother and my 2 dead grandmothers holding hands and dancing together. I knew that they had both come to assist me and my mother in breaking free from the old story of abuse and misuse of power. As I saw us all dancing together, I revelled in the symmetry. I knew that my maternal grandmother had been bullied and abused throughout her life and that my paternal grandmother was quite the bully herself towards my mother. And yet, in my dream none of this mattered anymore. We had all joined together in the Light of Oneness.

Later, through my own practice, I have met a lot of people with difficult childhoods and challenging relationships with their parents. Some of them had already been through years of therapy and they had achieved significant breakthroughs that enabled them to move forward with their lives. And yet, that deeper sense of inner peace and reconciliation with the past was still eluding them. Others decided to pull a blanket over the past and focus on the present without realising that by doing so, they were cutting themselves off from certain aspects of the Self.

Having gone through deep trauma myself, I fully understand that going through prolonged periods of stressful or challenging situations (let alone a whole childhood) alters the very foundations of our Being. It changes the neurochemistry of the brain, emotional landscape and even the physical cells of the body. It affects the perception of the self (core identity) and how we view/ relate with the world on a daily basis.

Starting the inner child and ancestral healing process means that we are bound to go through some cloudy territory of our own emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, repetitive patterns and coping mechanisms before we see the Light again! It is not an easy process to begin with. It does not have to be difficult either!

What we need to remember is that we are not alone!

We are the Daughters and Sons of All those who walked before us and they are eagerly awaiting for us to ask their support so that they can come to our assistance. Our healing is their healing too! Their souls recognise ours! When we call upon our Ancestors, we come together in the Light of Oneness -the Light of the Soul - to bathe in the oceanic waters of Love. When we heal the ancestral patterns that we carry in ourselves, we strengthen the flow of Light from the Source across the whole bloodline.

There are many forms of ancestral healing that typically start with cutting the cords of suffering that tend to pass from one generation to another until someone is brave enough (or simply had enough) to do something about it! We can also connect with our Ancestors to gain direct access to the knowledge and talents that we wish to develop in ourselves. For example, I was very grateful when a maternal ancestor stepped forward to share her knowledge of herbal medicine and when I started receiving information about sound weaving and the gift of 'inner sight' from my father's line.

What really cracked my heart open was when I stood in front of my Ancestors and received their blessings of Remembrance. The living are so used to looking at the ancestral patterns that are in need of healing (ie disease, abuse, poverty, addiction, etc) that you have forgotten about the Divine Qualities that also run through the ancestral lines bringing together groups of souls whose life purpose includes cultivating these qualities. Immediately I sensed that my maternal ancestors all shared the divine quality of Happiness and by nature they were born positive and outgoing individuals regardless their individual life stories. I knew that even those who had led painful lives were happy and eager to support me now from the other side because helping me release the blockages to my happiness was also helping them clear their karma.

Nowadays, each time I open sacred space I call upon the "Ancestral Light" that includes my Feminine and Masculine Lineage of All My Ancestors from the Blood, the Land, the Stars and Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. I also call the Ancestral Light of the person I work with. It's truly beautiful to see, feel, receive the Love they have to offer as they stand beside us nourishing, guiding, supporting and protecting us. In these oceanic waters of Love, the attachment to the human story starts dissipating and we remember again.

Ancestral Healing is about restoring our soul's connection to the Source of Light.

That's why I am talking about self-imposed limitation and the illusion of freedom when a person gets stuck in the human family drama and does not seek to restore the connection to their ancestral roots.