Menstruating with the Full Moon

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Honouring the gifts of your cycle

As Menstrual Cycle Awareness becomes mainstream, more women are now starting to remember the natural connection of their monthly menses with the phases of the moon. A common question I come across in many women's circles and online forums is about the difference between menstruating with the new moon or the full moon. There is also a misconception that if a woman is not menstruating on/ around the new phase of the moon, then she is out of alignment.

First things first, the feminine body is beautifully complex and unique and as such, a normal menstrual cycle may vary between 21 to 35 days (source: Mayo clinic). The lunar phase cycle (from new moon to new moon) takes 29.5 days so it is absolutely normal for our menses to shift around the moon cycle. Rathen than force our body to abide to the external rhythms of the moon (which for me, this equals to further abusing the inner feminine), menstrual cycle awareness teaches us to connect with our body's consciousness. The life we live and how well we look after our physical, emotional and psychological needs has a massive effect on our menstrual cycle which mirrors back our true connection to Self! The purpose of practicing Menstrual Cycle Awareness is to step into the authentic power of who we truly are!

During menstruation, the feminine body and psyche (soul) opens up to release the energies (and blood) of the old cycle. Sensitity, both emotional and psychic, increases and it is most beneficial to have some quiet time to withdraw in our centre for rest and rejuvenation.

Menstruating on/ around the full moon requires an extra level of self care. As the collective energy is at its fullest, a woman menstruating at that time, may feel her energy scattered or like a sponge for other energies in the environment. On the flip side, this means that ovulation is on/ around the new moon. An ovulating woman is at the height of her creative energy when the collective energy is following the moon ebbing into the Void: the time of surrendering and receiving the seeds for the new cycle! It is no wonder that in ancient times, women menstruating around the full moon were seen as witches and they were greatly feared and often ostracised from their communities.

Menstruating around the full moon and ovulating around the new moon 'packs' great power of psychic awareness, intuition as well as the ability to affect change - create - at collective level. A woman who has not done her inner work to balance herself or the expression of her power in the world may wreak havoc!

The balanced expression of this feminine power is rooted in the principle of 'Aligned action from the fullness of the Being'. It comes from embracing many little deaths of the ego and sometimes, all that we hold dear (detachment) in order to open ourselves to embrace it all in true devotion to the Great Mystery. Through this continuous personal healing, WE become - embody - the Medicine through our pr-essence. This is the feminine way of Being / Not-Doing that gives form and direction to the Doing.

When I was cycling around the full moon, I received many visions and messages about the 'Natural Witches', women and men who walked upon the Earth, deeply rooted and with expanded awareness. From them came the First Healers, Midwives, Medicine Women, Priestesses etc dedicated to their personal healing and tuning in to the natural cycles of the earth, the moon, the stars. Their role was to look after their communities.

If any reader wonders whether I would personally want to cycle with the full moon all the time, my answer is No!

As special and magical the above may sound, when I finally started menstruating with the New Moon I discovered its own sacred gifts. Entering the double void, the inner stillness of my menstruation at the dark/ new phase of the moon, I experienced a deeply restorative quality of letting it all go. There was a profound sense of surrender in the oceanic waters of the Great Mother to be reborn, nourished and held by an invisible force palpating with Life. These were the times when I had the deepest, instantenous almost, healing coming back to Self.

So my full answer to the question above, is that Now I receive with appreciation the sacred gifts of my menses fully trusting my body's consciousness as she dances with the different faces/phases of the moon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear your comments, insights and experiences!

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