Transforming Loss into Offering

Musings from the Wombspace

Sitting in the centre of my yoniverse

like a spider inspecting her own handiwork

the fabric of all my relations

sensing the creative flow of all my creations

where I have perhaps given too much or too little

I travelled across the web and sat into those places that felt a bit tight

the knots of existence out of balance

where I had given away

be it my creative vision, potential, my life force energy, my power, an outpour of my heart

And as I sat in those places

I felt the need of the others to receive

and my own role and responsibility for giving myself away

And I heard a voice

the familiar voice of my womb saying to me:

"Transform the loss into an offering.

Honour the opportunity and the people involved that allowed you to play out the unresolved and karmic issues and bless what has been "lost".

There is a creative fire burning within that the more you give, the more you receive.

Fan its flames and let Divine Grace clear the web from all the knots in existence."

Through the Sacred Darkness

the colours of the rainbow appeared to heal what has once been

and restore creating afresh

I saw parts of the web crampling down

old agreements, pain and negativity dissolving into nothingness

What was not mine to carry and therefore not belonging on my web

dissolving into nothingness

I sensed the golden light weaving and restoring anew through Grace


[Note: Ayni is a Quechua word that means "Sacred Reciprocity" and it's considered the fundamental principle in the Andean Cosmovision]