Red Flowers
Flower in Sunlight


The next day ​I woke up feeling so good and happy and different! I feel like I moved into a new phase of my life already, thank you for this great visualisation!

I had such big revelations that even now, when I look at my art work I feel the new phase of my life unfolding.... So exciting!

Flowers on Her Hair


The energy cleansing felt wonderful and even though I was totally new to shamanic work I felt very safe and seen and honoured.


The rebirthing work and guided meditation given by Maia offered me a space for profound healing and as if the fractional wounds of my soul's choice of parents were put back together.


It's really very difficult to describe and obviously a highly personal journey but I have no hesitation in recommending Maia and feeling full of gratitude for her presence and her life force.

Girl Smelling Flowers


Maia guided me through so many energetic layers until I reached the truth at my core, the quality of my soul as it were. This is amazing in one session.

I did not hear all of Maia's words during the guided visualisation as I felt myself drifting in and out of the session but I came away with a deep knowing of my truth.

Maia is like a beautiful deep red rose filled with softness, beauty and strength to hold you as you are gently guided into your inner core. I would highly recommend her as a healer who can assist you in becoming who you came to be on this Earth.

Red Flowers
Flowers on Her Hair


I had the pleasure of attending the Alchemical Transformation Through the Elements 7-week programme for women led by Maia. This course has brought me a lot of knowledge, guidance and self-reflection. Maia has created a beautiful space of support and trust for all of us to open up and share our feelings and experiences.


My intuition has led me to this course and I was able to receive guidance and practices from Maia that I really needed at that moment. I truly appreciate Maia’s way of guiding everyone to look within themselves without imposing what might be true for another.


I feel that I am more connected and in a better place ever since I have taken the course. Thank you, Maia, for your commitment and guidance! It is truly appreciated.

Girl Smelling Flowers


I feel very fortunate for joining the online 7-week programme "Alchemical Transformation Through the Elements".


Maia has created a fantastic atmosphere of loving openness, support, trust and where I felt accepted the way I am and actually willing to share as this is usually the hardest thing for me to do when I attend similar workshops. Despite being an online course I felt 100% connected with everyone in this loving space.


Before the course, I started realising that I am not living my life as who I really am, but rather as who I became during my childhood in order to survive and move forward. The question back then was how to let this character go and to find my real self.


This course has helped me enormously to connect with my true self and the Elements that are here offering their loving support. 

Looking back where I was 6-7 weeks ago compared to now, I just say to myself: 'WOW! WHAT AN AMAZING ADVENTURE AND TRANSFORMATION!'


I cannot even describe it, but I can only feel it very deep inside me!


Thank so much, Maia!