feminine & womb energy healing

As the seat of the feminine creative life force energy, the womb holds the seed of self realisation and higher purpose in life. It also tends to carry the cellular memory of our ancestry and life experiences in past, present and future as well as the energy of our lovers. All this energy, if not regularly cleansed and discharged, starts creating disturbance that can affect your menstrual cycle, fertility/ creativity and overall wellbeing. 


A womb purification session typically includes shamanic healing with conscious breathing and womb visualisations that help you cultivate deeper energetic presence in your feminine body by clearing non-beneficial energy incl. emotional wounding, cords to past lovers, ancestral imprints, medical energy (if you had a surgical procedure), birth trauma, abortion or miscarriage. It also restores the flow of your creative life force energy by grounding you to the Earth and clearing any blockages to receiving.

For women experiencing menstrual problems I combine Womb Purification with the Feminine Rites of Passage and Menstrual Cycle Awareness to heal your feminine nature and reclaim the power and wisdom of your blood.

For mums-to-be and new mums, I am also offering pre & postnatal Rebozo Massage and the  Rebozo Cerrada Ceremony (known as "Closing of the Bones" Ceremony). This is a Traditional Mexican Midwifery Ceremony blessing the new mother for giving birth and wrapping her whole body with long shawls to "close the bones" by supporting the pelvis to return to its original position. 

On the spiritual level, this Ceremony also helps the woman gather her energy back to herself after giving birth and rebalance body, mind and emotions. It is highly recommended to treat or avoid postnatal depression symptoms. A Cerrada is given any time after a woman has stopped bleeding from giving birth and it's never too late for it! It may be years since you have given birth and yet you will still experience the benefits!


shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing has been practiced in various forms by cultures around the world for millennia. It is based on the principle that the whole universe is made of energy and that all types of dis-ease at body, mind and spirit level are caused by energetic blockages, imbalances and intrusions. Therefore the role of the shaman (or shamanic practitioner/ healer) is to bridge the Seen and Unseen world and assist others restore order, balance and harmony in their lives. Shamanic healing can take many forms dependent on the lineage and area of expertise of the practitioner. Personally I combine practices from the Toltec, Inka and Celtic Traditions as well as Core Shamanism that could be categorised as follows:

> Energy purification & realignment 

This includes working directly with the energy field of the body to clear heavy emotions, attachments, and intrusions in order to reharmonise. It can be done both in person through a Limpia (an andean technique that uses the medicine of plants, flowers, crystals, etc) as well as online through other somatic body wisdom and taoist practices based on conscious breathing.

It is recommended when you experience low mood or energy because of current circumstances (ie you are going through a difficult or emotionally charged period). It is also highly beneficial during times of transition (ie the end of a relationship, job change, grief or loss, etc) because it brings closure to the old cycle and helps you realign with the path ahead. 

I have also found in practice that reharmonising the energy field also allows the body consciousness and higher wisdom (Highest Self) to facilitate the healing process as needed. Nowadays I tend to start with energy purification and realignment before moving to healing the unconscious mind and soul healing.


> Shamanic Drum Journeying

Shamanic drum journeying typically takes the form of a guided meditation that enables the mind to move into altered states of awareness whilst I am channelling healing energy transmissions through the spoken word and the sound of my drum. There are two distinct benefits in this type of healing. Firstly, it cultivates personal empowerment by helping you connect with your inner wisdom and bring it into your life decisions. Secondly, it addresses core issues at the unconscious or soul level that create repetitive patterns, challenging relationships and roadblocks on your path to happiness without a seemingly obvious explanation. In other words, if you are feelin stuck, disconnected, unsure about your self or your direction in life, then shamanic drum journeying can help you find the answers within.

Shamanic drum journeying also goes beyond time and space and it is highly beneficial for clearing energetic entanglements with other people, past wounds and trauma from this life as well as karmic and ancestral patterns.

> Despacho & Cacao Ceremony

Ceremony is a form of Prayer that connects you directly with the Divine and the Higher Forms of Consciousness (ie Spirit Guides) that are here to support you.

I am very happy to offer individual and group Despacho Ceremony (from the Andean Tradition) that involves creating an offering of food, flowers, seeds, etc that are infused with our prayers to the Elemental Forces of Creation. It is said that the true purpose of the despacho ceremony is to help us "return in the right relationship" with the Universe so that our personal energy (and life) flows with ease and grace. 

I also offer individual and group Cacao Ceremony that are generally combined with shamanic drum journeying to meet the Spirit of Cacao and occasionally with a limpia session. The Cacao is considered amongst the Master Plant Teachers that opens our Heart to higher frequencies of Universal Love and Wisdom. It has been used for millennia by the indigenous tribes of Central and South America in ceremonies to strengthen the connection with the Divine.


soul rebirthing

Soul ReBirthing (or Healing the Soul Essence) is a subtle process that clears energetic imprints from the time in utero, ancestral and karmic influences. It also includes inner child work and timeline realignment in order to fully integrate the healing benefits into the present.

The whole process can take from 1 to 6 sessions dependent on the person, their life history and what it is they wish to achieve. Generally I recommend 3 sessions. The Soul ReBirthing process can be done both in person and online and it typically covers the following:

> clearing your energy field from stagnant energy, attachments and intrusions and restoring your energetic presence

> connecting with the Ancestors of your Blood and Land you were born (and where you currently reside) to release karmic imprints and restore your ancestral roots as a source of health, vitality, wisdom, guidance and support;

> clearing the conception field (ie the energy of your mother and father) from non-beneficial energies

> healing the time in utero and moment of birth from heavy energy (ie gestational and birth trauma) that you may have picked up directly from your mother as well as from her surroundings. 

> healing the wound of separation (also known as 'mother wound') from cutting the umbilical cord and the disposal of the placenta. This is of great benefit to anyone experiencing disconnection, isolation, or a sense of not fitting in this physical reality because it helps ground the energetic presence of the person in to the body of Mother Earth and in alignment with their Highest Self.

> connecting with your Highest Self to re-align your energy in the Now with the path of your highest purpose. 

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Reiki is a centuries-old healing practice from Japan. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - "Rei" which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and "Ki" which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy". It is a hands-on healing technique that rebalances and re-energises the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. A reiki session is very similar to a shamanic hands healing session as described above.


As a Reiki Master/ Teacher, I am also offering Reiki attunements. An attunement is an empowering spiritual process for self-healing and/ or healing others. During the attunement process, I activate specific energetic parts (or chakras) in your body and channel the energy. You are now linked to this Energy and may channel it for your self-healing or healing others. 

Reiki Level 1 - For Self Healing and Wellbeing (1 day)
This attunement allows you to begin a powerful journey of self-healing and self-love.

All is welcome to attend this course.


Reiki Level 2 - For Healing Others (1 day)

You learn the three Reiki symbols to increase and direct the flow of the Reiki Energy and

how to send Distance Healing. This is the Practitioner level where you can get insured

and start your professional practice.

You must have received a Reiki Level 1 Attunement in order to attend this course.

Reiki Master - For Healing and Attuning Others (3 days)

You are attuned to the Master symbol which allows the final Gateway to the Higher

Consciousness and aligns all energy centres to the Source Energy. You also learn how to

attune others. You must have received a Reiki Level 2 Attunement in order to attend this course.


abdominal massage (chi nei tsang)

Chi Nei Tsang literally means the "Energy of the Vital Organs" and it is a blend of chinese and thai massage that works on the abdomen, organs and their associated emotions.


The abdomen houses the energetic and physical centres of the body's digestion and elimination process. Unresolved ("un-digested") emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, depression as well as modern life conditions such as overwork, stress, poor food and bad posture can create knots and tangles in the abdomen that obstruct the flow of energy in the vital organs. This may lead to lack of energy, digestive issues, constipation and pains/ aches in the abdomen, sexual organs and back area. 


Chi Nei Tsang stimulates and detoxifies our vital organs, unwinds any tensions and restores the energy flow resulting to a much healthier system and a more relaxed body and mind.

When coming for a session


Please wear comfortable clothing as you will remain fully clothed.  I usually ask that you lift your top so that I work directly on your abdomen but I can also work over your clothes if you are more comfortable. I also advise that you allow 1 hour between your meal and having a massage session.

White Branch

clinical hypnotherapy

I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and approved by University of West London.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of short-term therapy that works with the (Un-)Conscious Mind. In practice, a hypnotherapy session is similar to a guided visualisation and shamanic journeying as it starts with various relaxation techniques to enable the Conscious Mind relax into the role of the Observer and witness the underlying beliefs, thought patterns and agreements that we hold true (Unconscious Mind). This allows us to release thought-forms (such as painful emotions and limiting beliefs) and re-inform the Mind towards new patterns of behavior.

I am offering Clinical Hypnotherapy for the following issues:

  • Self Confidence

  • Improved performance

  • Inner Child

  • TimeLine Re-alignment

  • Past Life Regression

  • Stress, Anxiety and Panic attacks

  • Phobias

  • Smoking cessation

  • Weight

Preparing for your session

Before you book your session, I am offering an initial 30 min free phone consultation to discuss your situation and what you wish to achieve from the the therapy. This also allows us to get to know each other and ensure that this type of therapy is a good match for your needs. 

When you come for your session, please avoid alcohol and if possible caffeine intake as these are stimulants and may inhibit your natural ability to relax. By the end of the session, people typically tend to feel more relaxed, re-energised and ready to resume their daily activities.


To book your session, please click email me at