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You are most welcome to have a look at the therapies listed below to get an idea of my offerings. Please note that quite often I tend to combine therapies with other practices and therapeutic tools that I have accumulated through the years that are not included below. Therefore, I encourage you to contact me directly and book your free phone consultation where we can explore together your current situation, your goals and most appropriate support for you as guided by the Divine.


Available Therapies


Shamanic Healing

Available both in person and online


Shamanic Healing helps you reconnect with your inner wisdom and reclaim your power to create positive change in your life.


The shamanic viewpoint is that all dis-ease and dis-comfort are symptoms of an underlying energetic imbalance or blockage. If things are not going well in your life or if you are feeling physically, emotionally or mentally drained, you are most welcome to book a shamanic healing session to look at the spiritual / energetic reasons that have created this experience and receive the support to restore balance in your life.

Typically, the root cause has to do with limiting beliefs that act as "energetic agreements" (ie "I am not good enough" hence all my relationships fail) that are held in place by unprocessed emotions from past experiences, ancestral and karmic influences. These can create energetic distortions and also allow interference in your energy field affecting your wellbeing, your relationships and path in life.

There are 3 types of shamanic healing that I offer as guided by Spirit:

Shamanic Drum Journeying, a form of guided visualisation with energetic transmissions, that helps you move into an altered state of awareness (and connect with the non-rational mind) to access your inner wisdom and reclaim your power.

Limpia, an Andean energy re-alignment technique working with the four elements to purify and re-energise mind, body and spirit. (In-person only).

Despacho Ceremony, another beautiful Andean practice to connect with the Divine through the power of prayer for healing, guidance and manifestation.

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Abdominal Massage

Available in person only


Chi Nei Tsang literally means the "Energy of the Vital Organs" and it is a blend of chinese and thai massage that works on the abdomen, organs and their associated emotions.


The abdomen houses the energetic and physical centres of the body's digestion and elimination process. Unresolved ("un-digested") emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, depression as well as modern life conditions such as overwork, stress, poor food and bad posture can create knots and tangles in the abdomen that obstruct the flow of energy in the vital organs. This may lead to lack of energy, digestive issues, constipation and pains/ aches in the abdomen, sexual organs and back area. 


Chi Nei Tsang stimulates and detoxifies our vital organs, unwinds any tensions and restores the energy flow resulting to a much healthier system and a more relaxed body and mind.

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Rites of Passage

Available both in person and online


Individually tailor-made ceremonies and rituals to support you through major transitions and life events.


Taking the time to honour when something important for you has come to an end (especially if it was not your decision or you did not feel ready for this change yet) is a very healthy way to bring real closure and prepare you for the new chapter of your life.

Similarly you may contemplate about or currently face some major life changes that make you feel uncertain or even fearful about the future.


Having your personal Rite of Passage ceremony or ritual to mark this time of transition can help you reconcile with the past and reclaim your inner strength together with the lessons/ realisations that will guide your decisions and actions moving forward.

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Meridian Crystal Healing

Available both in person and online 


This is a deep soul level transformation process to help you clear long-term and ancestral patterns blocking your life path and / or affecting your overall wellbeing. As part of this treatment, we are working with particular crystals to "open" the 8 Extraordinary Meridians (channels of energy) that correspond to the brain, bones, bone-marrow, blood and uterus and are most closely related to your Original (Source) Energy.


During the treatment, the crystals open the flow of Consciousness between your physical body and your "Original" (or "Timeless") Self that exists across time, space, dimensions and realities, hence helping you access your soul wisdom and gifts from many lifetimes and create powerful transformation in the Now. In addition, this process can reach all the way down into DNA level to facilitate physical healing as well as clear ancestral patterns.

This treatment is offered both in-person and online with the use of crystal grids over a body map. It can also be combined with massage and/ or shamanic journeying to facilitate the full integration from the subtle energy level into your conscious awareness and embodiment. To further support you, I also prepare bespoke Crystal Elixirs (a type of vibrational remedy).

This practice comes from the Traditional Chinese Stone Medicine and through the teachings of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, an 88th generations Taoist priest from the ancient lineage of the Jade Purity School Masters. 

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Reiki Sessions & Attunements

Available both in person and online


Rebalances and re-energises the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating a sense of deep relaxation, peace, security and wellbeing.

As a Reiki Master/ Teacher, I am also offering Reiki attunements for self healing and/ or healing others. 

Reiki Level 1 - For Self Healing and Wellbeing (1 day)
This attunement allows you to begin a powerful journey of self-healing and self-love.

All is welcome to attend this course.


Reiki Level 2 - For Healing Others (1 day)

You learn the three Reiki symbols to increase and direct the flow of the Reiki Energy and how to send Distance Healing. This is the Practitioner level where you can get insured and start your professional practice.

You must have received a Reiki Level 1 Attunement in order to attend this course.

Reiki Master - For Healing and Attuning Others (3 days)

You are attuned to the Master symbol which allows the final Gateway to the Higher

Consciousness and aligns all energy centres to the Source Energy. You also learn how to

attune others. You must have received a Reiki Level 2 Attunement in order to attend this course.

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Rebozo Massage and Cerrada Ceremony

Available in person only


The rebozo massage is a form of massage that uses a long shawl wrapped around a woman's body and used to create gentle rocking movements that increase blood circulation that strengthens the reproductive organs and helps relieve the pelvic bowl from stagnant blood or energies.


The rebozo massage can help increase the likelihood of pregnancy as well as  assist with menstrual imbalances, fibroids and cysts, endometriosis, etc.

I also offer the Rebozo Cerrada Ceremony ("Closing of the Bones") that traditionally has been offered by Traditional Mexican Midwives to new mums to celebrate Motherhood as well as "close the bones" of the pelvic bowl after giving birth. On a deeper level, the main purpose of the Cerrada is to help rebalance the emotional energy in a woman's body and gather her "spirit" back to herself after opening up psychically to conceive and birth the new baby.

You may receive the Cerrada any time after you have stopped bleeding from giving birth and even many years later! It is never too late as you will still experience the benefits!

The Cerrada Ceremony can be particularly helpful for those who may experience Soul Fracture as a result of deep and/ or unresolved trauma.


​I have had the good fortune to learn this practice directly from Angelina Martinez, a renowned Traditional Midwife and inheritor of three generations of Midwifery Wisdom.

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