Individual Healing

In this page you will find some general information about the available individual support that I am offering. 

You are most welcome to read scrolling down or clicking the link to visit a particular section. You can also contact me directly to arrange a free 30-mins phone consultation for more information and to discuss your requirements and preferences.

Types of Support

Available Therapies

What to expect 

Pricing Plans


Types of Support

Emotional &

Energetic Healing

Nourishes all aspects of your Being and revitalises your energy by clearing heavy emotions, stress, tension, anxiety and other energetic blockages. It is especially helpful for empaths, highly sensitive persons and when going through a difficult phase because it helps you cultivate deeper body awareness and healthy energetic boundaries so that you remain balanced, grounded and centred.

Feminine & 

Womb Energy Healing

Helps you step into your authentic feminine power and creative flow by aligning with your menstrual cycle and heart-womb wisdom. It also helps you restore your connection to your feminine nature by clearing repetitive patterns in relationships, attachments to past lovers, and other energetic blockages in your wombspace related to surgery, abortion or miscarriage, birth trauma, abuse.

Soul, Spirit

& Inner Self Healing

Restores your connection to your Higher Self and opens the "space of new possibilities" by helping you go into your unconscious to clear past wounding, limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns that sabotage your happiness. It also includes healing the spirit and soul essence from ancestral influences, karma and soul agreements as guided by Great Spirit.

Despacho & 

Cacao Ceremony

A Despacho Ceremony traditionally includes preparing an offering of food and flowers infused with our prayers to the Great Spirit. It is based on the principle of sacred reciprocity to help us "return in Divine Flow"and can be performed for healing, guidance and manifestation.

The Plant Spirt Medicine of Cacao is a wonderful teacher, healer and guide for those who wish to cultivate their Heart Consciousness. 


Available Therapies

The following therapies can be offered separately or combined in bespoke sessions to best suit your needs.

When you contact me to book a session, you are most welcome to share if you have a particular preference. Then during the phone consultation, we can discuss what you are looking for to achieve from the session and decide on the best available treatment plan.

For more information on each therapy, please click the button below.

Feminine & Womb Energy Healing

Rites of Passage

Womb Energy Cleansing & Purification

Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Wellbeing


Pre & Postnatal Rebozo Massage

Cerrada "Closing of the Bones" Ceremony

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Usui Reiki Sessions & Attunements

Soul ReBirthing

Soul contracts/ agreements

Ancestors of the Land, Blood & Stars

Conception, Time in Utero & Birth Story

Sacred Purpose

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Shamanic Healing & Ceremony

Inner Child

Ancestral Healing

Past Lives Karma

Energy Purification (Limpia)

Cacao Ceremony

Despacho Ceremony


What to expect from your session

Before you come for a session, I arrange a free phone consultation to discuss what you currently experience, what you would like to achieve and what you think is holding you back. This is the starting point to explore the best support available according to your needs and preferences. I work on the energetic/ emotional, soul, spirit, and inner self (or unconscious) level to help you remove non-beneficial energy, cultivate deeper body presence and restore your connection to your Higher Self for healing, guidance and empowerment.


In an online session, I tend to use conscious breathing and somatic techniques,  shamanic drum journeying and other guided visualisations together with energetic healing transmissions. The in-person sessions may also include massage and other hands-on shamanic healing techniques dependent on your needs. For  information about my shamanic studies and healing background, you can visit the About page.


What you may experience immediately afterwards can vary significantly for different people and from one session to another. For example, if you come for emotional healing or because your energy is low, you will come out feeling lighter, more grounded and re-energised in your body. If however you come for healing ancestral patterns, you may feel lighter or it is equally possible to experience heightened sensitivity for a few days as the old energy is clearing out of your energy field. This is a common phenomenon in any healing process which is why I always offer support and suggestions for selfcare to ensure the full integration of the healing benefits.


The general feedback I receive from my clients after a few days is a noticeable change in how they feel in their bodies and about themselves together with a newfound clarity, inspiration and confidence to take action that is aligned with their inner knowing.


Pricing Plans

Please find below my prices dependent on the duration of each session. I offer 20% off when buying a plan of 3 sessions in advance.

1-hr sessions

Reiki (only)

Abdominal Massage (only)

Hypnotherapy (only)

1 session for £45

3 sessions for £108

1.5-hrs sessions

Massage + Reiki

Energy Purification (Limpia)

Womb Energy Healing

1 session for £65

3 sessions for £156

2-2.5hrs sessions

Energy purification (Limpia)

All other sessions

1 session for £90

3 sessions for £108

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